INDIGO Announces In Vitro Toxicology Platform featuring upcyte human hepatocytes

New Product Families

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  • Dog PXR
  • Mouse PXR
  • Monkey PXR
  • Mouse RORɣ
  • Human LRH-1

New Screening Services

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  • Study species differences in PXR activation with human, monkey, dog, mouse and rat orthologs. 
  • In vitro toxicity and gene expression services
  • Mouse RORɣ
  • Human LRH-1

What's New at NRR?

Added a White Paper “Species Differences in PXR activation” in Education

Added LRH-1 (NR5A2) page to NR Page Collection

Several new review articles are psoted in the “Educational tab” including:

  • Gene Expression: General Concepts
  • Examining dose-response relationships
  • Nuclear receptors and gene expression
  • Nuclear receptors and gene expression in liver

As a result of these activities, there are several new images and pathways in the “Drawings” tab

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