For this study the Luciferase assay using hPPARα assay kit (Cat#IB00111) from INDIGO Biosciences was used.


The present invention relates to compositions comprising plant extracts for use on skin. More specifically, it relates to compositions comprising extracts of Bursera simaruba for improving the condition and appearance of the skin.


Bursera simaruba is native to tropical regions of the Americas, right from southeastern United States (southern Florida), south through Mexico, the Caribbean to Brazil and Venezuela (northern South America), where it grows wild in abundance. It is commonly grown as an ornamental; the tree has an elegant habit and is salt and wind-tolerant. The shiny-red peeling bark gives it the name “tourist tree” because it resembles the sun-burnt, peeling skin of tourists. It is fast-growing, and the lumber can be used in construction. It is also known by the common name “gumbo limbo.”

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Date of publication: 13 November 2014; Application Number: 13/891240

Inventor information: Suhyoun Chon (Princeton, NJ, US); Ya-ping Hu (Somerset, NJ, US); Khalid Mahmood (South Hadley, MA, US); Apostolos Pappas (Bridgewater, NJ, US); Ramini Parsa (Lawrenceville, NJ, US); Kurt A. Reynertson (Hopewell, NJ, US); & Michael D. Southall (Pennington, NJ, US)

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