Tissue Expression

The tissue mRNA expression data for all the nuclear receptors was generated based on that published previously.

Specifically, the data was obtained from www.nursa.org/10.1621/datasets.02001

Contributors: Bookout AL, Jeong Y, Downes M, Yu R, Evans RM and Mangelsdorf DJ

Funded by grant DK62434

Bookout et al., 2006 A.L. Bookout, Y. Jeong, M. Downes, R.T. Yu, R.M. Evans and D.J. Mangelsdorf, Anatomical profiling of nuclear receptor expression reveals a hierarchical transcriptional network, Cell 126 (2006), pp. 789–799 this issue. Article | PDF (749 K) | View Record in Scopus | Cited By in Scopus (109)

In addition to this “static” expression, there are several receptors that have circadian patterns  

X. Yang, M. Downes, R.T. Yu, A.L. Bookout, W. He, M. Straume, D.J. Mangelsdorf and R.M. Evans, Nuclear receptor expression links the circadian clock to metabolism, Cell 126 (2006),

pp. 801–810. Article | PDF (674 K) | View Record in Scopus | Cited By in Scopus (94)


Hierarchical Clustering


Cluster of expression data

Expression based on classification of tissue


Expression in GI and Metabolic Systems