One these pages, you will find a variety of information on the family of receptors. To learn more about an individual NR, please go to the "NR Page Collection" site. Also, check out the "Drawings" page for diagrams regarding basic information of NR and their mechanism of action. Please feel free to utilize these pages, but please reference the Nuclear Receptor Resource Page.

Recent Educational Materials

The following are review articles, written specifically for the NRR by Dr. Jack Vanden Heuvel. The topics range from general biochemistry knowledge (Gene Expression, Dose-response Relationships) to those more specific to Nuclear Receptors (Gene Expression by NRs, general concepts as well as  in liver). 

Species Differences in PXR activation (NEW)

Hierarchical cluster PXR activation

Gene Expression: Basic Concepts

Analyzing dose-response relationships

Nuclear Receptor and Gene Expression: Basic Concepts

Nuclear Receptors and gene expression in the liver