HPC 03 is herbal formula that consists of extracts from Angelica gigasCnidium officinale Makino and Cinnamomum cassia Presel. The present study evaluated the estrogenic potential of HPC 03 by using in vitro and in vivo models. The regulatory mechanisms of HPS 03 in estrogen-dependent MCF-7 cells were assessed. HPC 03 induced the proliferation of estrogen receptor-positive MCF-7 cells, and the proliferation was blocked by the addition of the estrogen antagonist tamoxifen. The estrogen receptorα/β luciferase activities were significantly increased by HPC 03 treatment, which also increased the mRNA expression of the estrogen-responsive genes Psen2,  Pgr and Ctsd. Also, we evaluated the ameliorative effects of HPC 03 on menopausal symptoms in ovariectomized rats. HPC 03 treatment in OVX rats significantly affected the uterine weight, increased the expression of estrogen-responsive genes Pgr and Psen2 in uterus, increased bone mineral density loss in the femur and inhibited body weight increase. Serum E2, collagen type 1 and osteocalcin were significantly increased, while serum LH, FSH and ALP were decreased compared with OVX rats. HPC 03 may be a promising candidate for the treatment of menopause, but further research is necessary to determine whether the observed effects also occur in humans.

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Date of publication: 3 November 2017; Reproduction: The Journal of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility

Author information: Boo Yoon Chang (1); Dae Sung Kim (2); Hye Soo Kim (2); & Sung Yeon Kim (1)

(1) Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development, College of Pharmacy, Wonkwang University, Iksan, Jeonbuk, South Korea
(2) Hanpoong Pharm. Co. Ltc, Jeonju-si, Jeonbuk, South Korea